New AUDIO CHAIN Systems!

Jan. 19, 2017, 1:09 a.m.

The AUDIO CHAIN system is a portable active sound system composed by a modular line array plus a subwoofer that combines quality of sound and awesome design.

Modularity is the keyword of this flexible system, the “chain” design of the full range custom transducers AC1 offers many mounting setups options as straight or J shape and the very innovative 360° setup (we are the first to offer that) offering a perfect listening experience to the audience everywhere with its accurate sound.

The even dispersion and articulate sound of these systems ensures every detail counts!

It’s practical and portable, very simple to mount and easy to carry in the bags.

Designed for one-man band, small bands to big orchestra, home and movie theaters, churches... the different configurations can cover all your needs giving unparalleled flexibility whatever the application: from small to large audience!



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